Beyond the Ropes Episode Eight

The following episode of Beyond the Ropes aired Wednesday October 26 2016. Ethan Ortiz and Rob Flores talked about the latest in pro wrestling .Being that Halloween is approaching for the Highlight Reel segment they discussed supernatural gimmicks wrestlers have had such as the Undertaker, Kane, Mandkind, Boogeyman , etc


Beyond the Ropes Episode Six

the following was episode 6 of Beyond the Ropes which aired Wednesday October 12 2016 .Ethan Ortiz and Rob Flores discussed the latest in wrestling and this week’s Highlight Reel segment featured Women and how they over came obstacles in the industry to be seen as equals to male wrestlers. every wrestler will tell you that in addition to wanting to win a championship belt they prefer to wrestle in the final match of the evening because it is promoted as The Main Event. for decades women never got the recognition they deserved and never had the opportunity to main event wrestling events. So watch this episode to learn more


Beyond the Ropes Episode Four

the following was episode four of Beyond the Ropes which aired Wednesday September 28th 2016. Ethan Ortiz and Rob Flores featured hardcore wrestling on the highlight reel. and for the first time ever they attempted to color commentate a wrestling match as they called a TNA triple threat tag team cage match featuring No Limit Vs Motor City Machine Guns and LAX for the IWGP Jr Tag Team Championships


Beyond the Ropes Episode Three

The following was episode three of Beyond the Ropes which aired Wednesday September 21 2016. Ethan Ortiz and Rob Flores discussed the latest news in pro wrestling and featured the history of Lucha Libre on our Highlight Reel segment . this wrestling style pretty much paved the way for the wrestling division on television known as Cruiser weight it allowed for much smaller fighters to stand out with or without a mask with moves that only small people with quick agility are capable of including leaping off the ropes.


Beyond the Ropes Episode Two

The following is episode of Beyond the Ropes which aired on Wednesday September 14 2016. Ethan Ortiz and Rob Flores featured the late great comedian Andy Kaufman on the Highlight Reel and how his involvement in Pro Wrestling elevated the business to new heights by having celebrities get involved in wrestling matches.


Beyond the Ropes Episode 5 pro wrestling commentary and news

the following is a clip from episode six of beyond the ropes featuring play by play commentary of a wrestling match. transcription available below


RF: I’m Rob!

EO: and I’m Ethan!

RF: and this is Beyond the Ropes! and this is … Episode…

EO: 5? 4? 5? I think we are five

RF: oh my gosh Booker T!

EO: (laughter) yeah alright five so should we head into the recap?

RF: yeah! did you hear about Jamie Noble and Alberto Del Rio?

EO: I did. well for those that didn’t hear, they had knives thrown at them pretty much the Jamie Noble situation I guess he was getting home from a Smackdown taping and he apparently cut someone off. and they didn’t like it so they followed him all the way home and they attacked him and he ended up getting stabbed three times in the back I believe.

RF: yeah that’s crazy

EO: and Del Rio I think he was in the Orlando Florida area. He was set to do a show for Triple A the Mexican promotion and as he was getting ready for his flight he got attacked with a knife too. really shocking.

RF: yeah oh man that photo was really something of Alberto’s head ugh.

EO: I didn’t get to see the photo of Alberto’s but I did get to see Jamie Noble’s yeah those are pretty graphic. Thankfully it looks like he will be ok but yeah very dangerous scary situations.

RF: yeah you know sometimes its tough because some people don’t differentiate heels from real life.

EO: mhmm

RF: like when you see a bad guy on TV they’re not a bad guy in real life

EO: hopefully not (laughter)

RF: what we’re gonna do is play a little theater of the mind here. We’re going to call the matches as we see it.

EO: this is going to be interesting we never done this before we haven’t rehearsed for this so uh

RF: We’re gonna wing it!

EO: Lets do it!

(wrestler theme song plays)

RF: Here we go the start of the match

EO: Alright well

RF: just so you know we’re gonna call moves that’s because we know now like the names after years of watching wrestling so when you hear things like heres a snapmare or anything like that its just moves but we will explain later.

EO: nice low drop kick by Alex Shelly

RF: Naito is in a move called the tree of woe

EO: yeah pretty much tree of woe is when you’re hung upside down from the top rope.

RF: yes and he just did a baseball slide kick

EO: oh nice uppercut right there

RF: yeah thats Homicide from LAX. oooh!

EO: powerslam!

RF: yes that’s a great move right there

EO: and we see the Motor City Machine Guns taking on each member of the other team pretty much dominating look at the hard shots by…

RF: Chris Sabin’s punches

EO: Chris Sabin and look at Hernandez’s strength

RF: yes he has a great powerbomb his finisher is called the Boarder Toss. Woah

EO: into a submission look at that!

RF: hes trying to attack with the octopus stretch but it doesn’t look like he can keep the big man down. oooh! picked him up like a rag doll

EO: those chops by Sabin

RF: yes chops it’s a standard move that almost every wrestler uses

EO: oh my god!

RF: tossed right on to the table! Three!

EO: he got it !

Announer: here are your winners and still New Japan Junior Tag Team Champions the Motor City Machine Guns!

RF: We’re gonna cover a few superstars that were involved in a match but first we are gonna break down each of them

EO: mhmm

RF: starting with the evolution of the character known as Abyss

EO: Abyss is a unique character he’s gone through many different phases in his career . He started off pretty much wearing all black with a mask. pretty much had a messed up childhood he was brought in with a manager if I’m not mistaken right?

RF: yeah Father James Mitchell.

EO: yeah Father James Mitchell and he was like TNA’s version of the Undertaker in a way he’s probably one of the more hardcore character in TNA history.

RF: and the shocking thing is he spent most of his career not talking .

EO: yeah especially that early part of his career. He didn’t have to talk because he had..

RF: yeah he was just this big guy that goes GRR! this whole time

EO: his emotion even behind the mask you could tell he was this scary individual. we move on to kind of the mask gimmick and he takes off the mask and plays an alter ego by the name of Joseph Park.

RF: yeah totally talkative

EO: totally talkative he’s a lawyer and he spends about a year playing this lawyer not as abyss but his brother.

RF: non violent brother!

EO: non violent brother , who doesn’t know how to wrestle who’s looking for his brother Abyss. and it was a year long story-line it was incredible to see how they were able to do that but he played it so well you wouldn’t expect that from him.

RF: it was unique and it was evolutionary to like see something shocking definitely garnered viewers but what’s funny is there’s rumors that WWE ripped off that idea for corporate Kane.

EO: that’s interesting I never thought about it that way but that’s probably where they got it from. oh this episode is about to be deleted! (laughter)

RF: (laughter) yes delete delete (laughter) until next time folks

EO: I’m Ethan

RF: and I’m Rob and this is Beyond the Ropes

EO: see you