Hair Stylist turned Producer, Actress, Model and More

The following interview featured actress, producer and model Arie Rose which was recorded on Monday February 27th 2017. she shared her success story live at Where People Make a Difference the Online Radio Station of Cerritos College Located in Norwalk California . topics included life as a college student, running a hair salon before doing what she does now, internships, modeling, acting, her busy schedule and more. this interview was also available via smartphone app known as Busker which received 327 hearts from live viewers who tapped their screens.

Red Carpet Interviewer Becomes Stand Up Comic and Producer

the following interview was recorded on Wednesday February 22nd 2017 . Comedian Jaclyn Passaro visited Where People Make a Difference Radio at Cerritos College Located in Norwalk California. She shared her success story beginning with what life as a student was like for her leading up to where she is today. topics included earning her degree, conducting red carpet interviews, performing at various venues as a stand up comedian and much more. including providing tips to future comedians such as how to promote yourself and get bookings.