History Professor Travels the World Interviews Many and Encourages Global Awareness

the following is an interview featuring Dr. John Haas History Professor of Cerritos College . He shares his story from what life as a student was like for him. listen as he talks about the process of pursuing a Doctorate Degree. provides tips for students. the importance of global studies and among other topics. He shares his experiences traveling the world interviewing various interesting people.

Career Counselor reflects on College Life and Provides Career Tips

Career Counselor Traci Ukita shared what life as a college student was like for her as she experienced being a student in all three types of public colleges . this includes the Community College , Cal State, and UC experience. she shares her journey from being a student to where she is today as a career counselor. find out what a career counselor can do for you as she provides tips to current and future college students.

Angelina Mancillas Interview

The following episode of Falcon Spotlight aired on August 29th 2016 Angelina Mancillas a Communications and Education Services Representative with Water Replenishment District of Southern California. She shared her success story everything from what was school like, how to get involved in internships, her time working with Congresswoman Linda Sanchez and much more