Beyond the Ropes Episode Twenty Nine

the following is Episode Twenty Nine of beyond the ropes which was recorded on Monday March 20th 2017. Ethan Ortiz and Rob Flores discussed the latest Professional Wrestling News including continuation of the Hardy Brothers situation with Impact Wrestling, Bully Ray, CM Punk, and more. Today’s Episode has been available on multiple platforms including the first YouNow live video Broadcast .

Beyond the Ropes Episode Twelve

The following was episode twelve of Beyond the Ropes which aired on Wednesday November 23rd 2016. Ethan Ortiz and Rob Flores discussed the career’s of the late great Flyin Brian Pillman and Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin from their early beginnings when they formed a tag team known as the Hollywood Blondes in the 90’s these best friends invested time into their televised gimmicks to entertain fans to improve quality of showmanship. they briefly mentioned self proclaimed titles as they debut the World Broadcasting Tag Team Championships in the episode . They take pride hosting the first ever college talk show dedicated to professional wrestling.three more shows remain this year and they hope to continue Beyond the Ropes in Spring 2017

Beyond the Ropes Episode Eight

The following episode of Beyond the Ropes aired Wednesday October 26 2016. Ethan Ortiz and Rob Flores talked about the latest in pro wrestling .Being that Halloween is approaching for the Highlight Reel segment they discussed supernatural gimmicks wrestlers have had such as the Undertaker, Kane, Mandkind, Boogeyman , etc


Beyond the Ropes Episode Six

the following was episode 6 of Beyond the Ropes which aired Wednesday October 12 2016 .Ethan Ortiz and Rob Flores discussed the latest in wrestling and this week’s Highlight Reel segment featured Women and how they over came obstacles in the industry to be seen as equals to male wrestlers. every wrestler will tell you that in addition to wanting to win a championship belt they prefer to wrestle in the final match of the evening because it is promoted as The Main Event. for decades women never got the recognition they deserved and never had the opportunity to main event wrestling events. So watch this episode to learn more


Beyond the Ropes Episode Four

the following was episode four of Beyond the Ropes which aired Wednesday September 28th 2016. Ethan Ortiz and Rob Flores featured hardcore wrestling on the highlight reel. and for the first time ever they attempted to color commentate a wrestling match as they called a TNA triple threat tag team cage match featuring No Limit Vs Motor City Machine Guns and LAX for the IWGP Jr Tag Team Championships


Beyond the Ropes Episode Three

The following was episode three of Beyond the Ropes which aired Wednesday September 21 2016. Ethan Ortiz and Rob Flores discussed the latest news in pro wrestling and featured the history of Lucha Libre on our Highlight Reel segment . this wrestling style pretty much paved the way for the wrestling division on television known as Cruiser weight it allowed for much smaller fighters to stand out with or without a mask with moves that only small people with quick agility are capable of including leaping off the ropes.