Actor & Model Marr Aragon Interview

Marr Aragon was a guest on Rob Flores‘s radio show in a quarantine style recording session. Aragon shared her life story including life growing up, immigrating to the United States from the Philippines, achieving a college degree, changing career fields to pursue her goals in Texas. All this and more including running a blog and how has the corona virus affected her family recently.

Youtuber with 1.65k Followers Shares Life Story

Yubicela Brito visits California State University Long Beach to share her life story at the campus radio station. Topics included life growing up from humble beginnings in Mexico sleeping on the floor, migrating to the United States with her parents, enjoying theater and acting , achieving her college degree, leaving her home state to pursue her dream career and more.

Engineer Becomes Stand Up Comedian

Karina Reyes visited California State University Long Beach to share her life story at the campus radio station. Topics included life growing up , coping with being an introvert in her early school years constantly getting bullied, developing an interest in STEM , achieving her degrees, becoming an engineer , what lead her to start a career in Comedy and much more.

iHeartMedia’s Lupe Llerenas Interview

Rob Flores interviews iHeartMedia’s very own Lupe Llerenas. She shared her life story topics included life growing up, being active in high school as a wrestler,going to college having a change of heart in what career she wanted, discovering her passion for radio driving to a completely different college to be part of their radio station and how to got into the industry after being persistent even after achieving her Bachelors degree .

Local Long Beach Actor and Rapper Interview

Long Beach recording artist Tha Prince THS shares his story California State University Long Beach. Topics included growing up in Long Beach, his school years, his parents being influential during his child hood achieving acting experience at a young age to balancing a rap career in adulthood and remaining humble while holding a day job. All this and more including the origin of his stage name, his admiration for Snoop Dogg and more.

Singer Rain Bisou Interview

Recording Artist Rina Cervantes shares her life story at the campus radio station of California State University Long Beach. Topics included life growing up as the eldest of her siblings, one being murdered, toxic relationships, divorce, her eating lifestyle, faith, her college experience, discovering her passion for music performing using the stage name Rain Bisou and much more.

Make Up Artist Life Story

Rob Flores interviews make up artist Patricia Castro  . She shares her story everything from life growing up, her years as a student, the jobs she held leading up to where she is today in her career. She also provides tips for aspiring future make up artists. In addition she talks about various techniques to promote her business including building her website .

Musician and Radio Engineer

Rob Flores Interviews the Chief Engineer of 22 West Radio Christian Wiseman. Wiseman shares his life story including his college experience, how he developed his passion for music, broadcasting and much more. Listen to this interview and he will talk about his radio show and other accolades he has accomplished like a show about law enforcement that won an award .