Guitar Graveyard,Art, and Live Performance in Lynwood California

The Lynwood Union Gallery hosted an event known as Walk in the Dark on Saturday October 21 2017.

The event featured art from various commmunity members including a guitar graveyard created by Artist Fabian Lost Angels.

Lost Angels stated that it has been a project he has worked on since 2010 and eventually one of the designs became similar to that of a totem spirit animal.

Lost Angels said “I have been doing art my whole life and I enjoy helping people and getting the community involved in the arts.

Jacob Ortiz was one of the performers and shared that he performs with a band in addition to solo performances.

Vivian Moon started performing spoken word during her college years and performs using the stage name vibration nation.

Moon provided advice for those interested in sharing their work on stage and says you just have to go for it and don’t be fearful of judgement the important thing is that you get over being shy by going on stage.

She also stressed that you shouldn’t worry about negative audience members criticism.

Moon’s work has been published and frequently performs at various venues.

Equipped with face paint, eye contacts and a mask; PsydeShow performed for the first time in months.

As an artist he has dedicated time to creating original songs and can be inspired any time.

With the help of a collegue from his college years he uses original music to accompany his original lyrics.

The event also featured performances from Mad Survivor, and The Vox Arcanum.

In addition, Cielo Santana debut her art work to the public for the first time in her life.

Santana is a current high school junior and invited a select few peers to see her art work.

It wasn’t until the day before the walk in the dark event that she made up her mind that she would work the courage to display her art work and she considers herself weird.

As a fan of “demented images” Santana takes inspiration as she watches various animated series, skateboarding, and enjoys the work of Tim Burton.

Santana stated that although she is a skateboarding fan she personally does not utilize a skateboard.

Rowland Becerra , President of The Lynwood Union Gallery discussed the latest acquisition of a historical framed image from the 1930s.

Becerra said , “there was a new home owner they found it in their attic it had been up there and no one knew, they didn’t want it so they gave it to the library and the library felt the best place for it was here at The Lynwood Union Gallery.”

The aged photo displays various individuals with titles underneath and after invistigating symbols Becerra said it was a group branched off from the Free Masons.

For more information on the Lynwood Union Gallery look up the name on any search engine as they do not have a public website yet you can only follow the non profit on social media.