Beyond the Ropes Episode Seventeen

The following was episode seventeen of Beyond the Ropes which was recorded on Monday January 23rd 2017. Ethan Ortiz and Rob Flores talked about our predictions for the Royal Rumble Pay Per View matches and the latest news in the Professional Wrestling Industry. The Royal Rumble is one of the most important matches in World Wrestling Entertainment its a competition between 30 competitors this year you have to throw out every opponent from the ring it starts with two competitors and one by one the buzzer invites one of the other competitors to go to the ring the last remaining competitor gets the shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at the greatest Pay Per View of the year Wrestlemania. interestingly enough find out which wrestler copied the finishing move of one of the biggest names who walked away from the biggest company and delivered the most talked about promo on television. (note that a promo means something different in pro wrestling its like talking smack to someone and getting the audience interested in what you have to say) . They also talk about a certain superstar who unfortunately was robbed in his hometown. the death of a Hall of Famer and so much more.

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